Frequently Asked Questions

Is flight to Thailand included?
Flights are not included in the packages. When booking your flight, please select Phuket as your final destination (there is an int’l airport there). If you find a flight going into Bangkok considerably cheaper, there are charter planes from Bangkok to Phuket far as low as $40.

When do I have to be there by?
Weigh-ins for Kickboxing are the morning of the 10th
You should be in Phuket by the 9th.

I’m a guest/spectator. When should I be there?
If you are a guest or spectator, you have a little more free time, public activities don’t begin until 2:30 PM on the 10th.

What Package do I purchase?
If you’re competing as an ISKA competitor in Kickboxing or K-1
Your guest, coach, or family would select…
If you plan on staying for the duration of the whole festival and watching the pro fights and/or participating in the closing ceremony.
Your guest coach, or family member would select
If you have been selected for the USA Muay Thai Team by Chase Walden or Michael Walter you would choose the above EXTENDED STAY package.

What are the Premium Packages?
It would be the same time frame/ length of stay as the above packages. It includes upgraded hotel/accommodations, guided tours during your downtime and a premium gear package.

I’m already in Thailand staying with a friend and I just want to register for the tournament without the hotel package, team gear and transportation. How do I register?
You would select the competition only package. Which also includes spectator entry for the entire week of the ITMA Games.

Can I compete in Muay Thai also?
We at ISKA are doing Kickboxing and K-1. WMO is doing the Muay Thai tournament.
These two tournaments are running simultaneously and the ability to compete in both cannot be guaranteed.

I’ve registered for BJJ, MMA or Boxing but I would like to compete in ISKA Kickboxing/K-1 as well, can I?
Yes, if you are already registered with one of the other tournaments and have proof that you have paid your ITMA Games entry fee, you can register with us by selecting the Competition only package.

What documentation do I need?
ALL registered competitors must submit proof of health insurance.
ALL registered competitors must sign a Competitor Release Agreement.
ALL minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. This information will be emailed you after your entry fees/registration has been paid.